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    updated:21 Mar 2018 03:01am UTC
  • AP Explains: What's next after Turkey seizes Syria's Afrin-

    AP Explains: What's next after Turkey seizes Syria's AfrinBEIRUT (AP) — Turkey's seizure of the town of Afrin in northern Syria is a significant military achievement for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that gives him control over a large chunk of Syrian territory but also entrenches his troops as an occupying force in a crowded terrain packed with adversaries.

  • Family Seeks Help for 4 Kidnapped Children Rescued from Polygamist Compound-

    Family Seeks Help for 4 Kidnapped Children Rescued from Polygamist CompoundThe children were allegedly kidnapped by their father and taken to a doomsday cult.

  • Fatal U.S. self-driving auto accident raises novel legal questions-

    Fatal U.S. self-driving auto accident raises novel legal questionsThe death of a pedestrian hit by a self-driving Uber vehicle in Arizona this week could offer a test of who can be held legally responsible for accidents when a human is no longer at the wheel, legal experts said. Any litigation that arises from the accident, the first fatality involving a fully autonomous vehicle, could pit the ride-hailing service against technology suppliers and the vehicle’s manufacturer, legal experts said. It could also provide a window into confidential indemnification agreements that companies developing self-driving car systems may have reached to shield themselves legally.

  • Good Samaritans help flip a man's car following crash-

    Good Samaritans help flip a man's car following crashA group of good Samaritans in Chester County, Pa., came to the aid of a driver who was trapped under his burning car after a crash.

  • Iran denies Saudi allegations of harboring bin Laden's son-

    Iran denies Saudi allegations of harboring bin Laden's sonTehran denied on Tuesday allegations made by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that Iran was harboring Osama bin Laden’s son and supporting him as the new leader of al Qaeda. Decades-old animosity between Sunni Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia and revolutionary Shi’ite Iran has deepened in recent years as the two sides wage proxy wars in the Middle East and beyond, including in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Iran’s murky and fluid relationship with al Qaeda has contributed to tensions with Riyadh, which previously accused Tehran of backing al Qaeda and sheltering its members.

  • Japan cult members could be hanged any day for subway attack-

    Japan cult members could be hanged any day for subway attackTOKYO (AP) — Thirteen Japanese cult members may be sent to the gallows any day now for a deadly 1995 gas attack on the Tokyo subway system and other crimes. But when is uncertain. Such is the secrecy that surrounds Japan's death penalty system.

  • Jeremy Corbyn mocked by his own MPs after claiming Russia should be given the right to test nerve agent itself-

    Jeremy Corbyn mocked by his own MPs after claiming Russia should be given the right to test nerve agent itselfJeremy Corbyn has been mocked by own MPs after saying Russia should be given a sample of the nerve agent used in the Salisbury attack so it can "say categorically one way or the other" whether it is responsible.  The Labour leader also said he would be happy to work with President Putin if he was Prime Minister and stopped short of blaming the Kremlin for the attack, despite his deputy John McDonnell doing so over the weekend.  It exposes a deepening split in the party's position on the nerve agent attack which has left Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in a coma in hospital.  Last week Mr Corbyn was criticised for refusing to categorically blame Russia for the Novichok poisoning and his communications chief drew further ire when he claimed British intelligence cannot be trusted after the Iraq war dossier.  Responding to his latest remarks on the issue Mr Corbyn was roundly mocked by his own MPs including Ian Austin, a member of the Foreign Affairs select committee, who joked that Mr Putin would never accuse himself of having smuggled the nerve agent into the UK to use against the former spy.  He said: "Does anyone seriously think Putin will say: ‘Thanks for the sample. We have now examined it and yes, I'm sorry to say that it did come from Russia and was then given to one of our agents to murder Mr Skripal in the way we have murdered lots of other opponents’? Who thinks that?” Russian spy poisoning | Read more Speaking to the BBC's World and One programme Mr Corbyn said: "All fingers point towards Russia's involvement in this, and obviously the manufacture of the material was undertaken by the Russian state originally. "What I'm saying is the weapons were made from Russia, clearly. "I think Russia has to be held responsible for it but there has to be an absolutely definitive answer to the question where did the nerve agent come from? I asked the Russians be given a sample so that they can say categorically one way or the other."  In a move that is likely to spark further frustration among Labout MPs Mr Corbyn maintained there had to be a relationship with Russia and said he would still "do business" with president Putin if Labour came to power. Corbyn or the Russian Embassy | Who said what "Would I do business with Putin, sure? And I'd challenge him on human rights in Russia, challenge him on these issues and challenge him on that whole basis of that relationship," he said.  John Woodcock, chair of Labour's backbench foreign affairs committee, warned allowing Russia to test the poison would be "like saying you trust the fairness of Putin's re-election because he told you it was fine".  He added: "Russia denies every single assassination attempt on foreign soil, no matter how blatant.  "In what parallel universe would we think sending Putin's regime a sample of their poison would lend more credibility to this latest denial?" It came as Theresa May chaired a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss additional sanctions on Russia after the Kremlin ejected 23 British diplomats from the country. 23 Russian officials, thought to be undeclared spies, left the UK today. The Prime Minister told the meeting: "There are other measures that government and security officials are actively considering and stand ready to deploy at any time." She revealed action has been taken at the UK border to beef up visa checks, particularly for private flights, and amendments to the sanctions and money laundering bill are also taking shape.  A spokesman for Mrs May said: "The Prime Minister reiterated that we will freeze Russian state assets wherever we have evidence that they may threaten UK persons or property. And, led by the National Crime Agency, we will continue to bring all the capabilities of the UK law enforcement to bear against serial criminals and corrupt elites."

  • Lin Manuel Miranda And Ben Platt Join Forces For Ultimate Broadway Mashup-

    Lin Manuel Miranda And Ben Platt Join Forces For Ultimate Broadway MashupIf we don't live to see their glory, at least we'll have this moving

  • Missouri set to execute man despite claims of undue suffering-

    Missouri set to execute man despite claims of undue sufferingThe death row inmate, Russell Bucklew, 49, was convicted of killing his former girlfriend’s new boyfriend and raping the ex-girlfriend more than two decades ago. Bucklew suffers from a congenital ailment known as cavernous hemangioma, a malformation of blood vessels that could burst from the stress of lethal injection, leading to undue agony in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Report Trump campaign firm harvested Facebook data 'horrifying': EU-

    Report Trump campaign firm harvested Facebook data 'horrifying': EUThe EU said reports that a firm hired by the Trump election campaign harvested the Facebook data of millions of users is “horrifying” and Europe must do everything to protect its own citizens. EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova said she would seek clarification from Facebook about the reports by the New York Times and The Observer when she visits the United States this week. Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis firm hired by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, stole information from 50 million Facebook users’ profiles to help design software to predict and influence voters’ choices, according to the news reports.

  • Supreme Court Rejects GOP Plea To Keep Gerrymandered House Map In Pennsylvania-

    Supreme Court Rejects GOP Plea To Keep Gerrymandered House Map In PennsylvaniaThe U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to step in and block a new

  • Tessa Thompson Can't Get Enough Of A Hilarious Meme Comparing Her To Goats-

    Tessa Thompson Can't Get Enough Of A Hilarious Meme Comparing Her To GoatsThis Tessa Thompson meme could be the greatest of all time.

  • The 9 Most Scenic Bike Routes in the World-

    The 9 Most Scenic Bike Routes in the World

  • Two men injured in fourth explosion in Austin, Texas, this month-

    Two men injured in fourth explosion in Austin, Texas, this monthAn explosion in Austin on Sunday wounded two men, thought to be in their 20s, authorities said, as Federal Bureau of Investigation agents rushed to the scene in the Texas capital, where earlier this month three parcel bombs killed two people. Police told a press conference that the wounded men were taken to a hospital, but their injuries were not life threatening. The scene after another bomb exploded earlier this month Credit: Reuters "We have a scene where it is obvious an explosion has taken place," said Brian Manley, Austin police chief. "We just simply do not know a lot at this point." He also told people to stay in their homes and avoid touching any suspicious packages, but did not say whether there was any link between the latest blast and the earlier parcel bombs. The FBI said on Twitter that its agents were at the scene of Sunday's explosion in a residential neighbourhood on the west side of the city, several miles from where the east side neighborhoods where the earlier blasts occurred. Initial Statement from Chief Manley regarding explosion— Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 19, 2018 Agents from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) were also attending the scene, the FBI said. "Residents in immediate area … wait in your homes and follow instructions of officers," Austin police said on their Twitter feed. Investigators are still looking for the culprits behind the three parcel bombs that exploded in three separate east side neighbourhoods of the city, killing two African-American males and leaving a 75-year-old Hispanic woman fighting for her life. More than 500 federal agents have joined Austin police in the murder investigation. APD responding to Bomb Hotshot call in the 4800 block of Dawn Song Dr. Two male patients transported with unknown injuries. Please avoid the area. Media staging area is 4635 SW Pkwy, corner of SW Pkwy and Boston Ln. APD PIO— Austin Police Dept (@Austin_Police) March 19, 2018 Earlier on Sunday, Austin police said whoever was responsible for the bombs was trying to send a message and should contact authorities to explain any motive. "We are not going to understand that (message) until the suspect or suspects reach out to us to talk to us about what that message was," Mr Manley said. He added that police were also investigating the bombings as possible hate crimes. The first bombing on March 2 killed Anthony Stephan House, a 39-year-old black man. It ripped a hole in a home entrance wall and damaged the front door. A bomb last Monday morning killed Draylen Mason, a 17-year-old African American teenager and promising musician. It also injured his mother. A few hours later, a third bombing injured the 75-year-old Hispanic woman, who has not been named. Police have received more than 735 calls about suspicious packages since the three parcel bomb attacks, but authorities had not found any that posed a security risk, Mr Manley said. A reward of $115,000 has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible.

  • USS Juneau discovered: The five brothers who went down together with the sunken battleship  -

    USS Juneau discovered: The five brothers who went down together with the sunken battleship  The USS Juneau is the latest Second World War wreck to be discovered by a team funded by billionaire Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. The discovery on March 17 locates another mass grave of American servicemen, as only 10 of its almost 700-strong crew survived its sinking during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. Among the hundreds who went down with the ship were five brothers, the Sullivans, who had insisted on serving together despite US military policies designed to avoid multiple losses to a single family. The story of the siblings had a profound effect on the American public and prompted the implementation of the Sole Survivor Policy, which led to the events that the film Saving Private Ryan is based on. The Sullivans have since been feted in the US as “epitomising the service and sacrifice of our nation’s greatest generation”. The brothers and the other sailors on the USS Juneau gave their lives in the bloody efforts to wrestle the Solomon Islands from Japanese Imperial control and was the first time the Allies mounted a successful assault on Japan’s Pacific empire. Prelude to the battle The Battle of Guadalcanal came as the Allies finally managed to check Imperial Japan’s all-conquering advance in the Pacific. Since the surprise attack at Pearl Harbour in December 1941, Japanese forces had swept all before them and by the following spring were threatening to attack mainland Australia. The US Navy ship sunk by the Japanese torpedoes 76 years ago was found in the South Pacific Credit: Paul Allen  In May 1942 Japan launched a two-pronged assault to capture Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Island of Tulagi, which would have put land-based Japanese bombers in range of northern Australia. However by this time the Allies had partially cracked the Japanese communication codes and a Australian-American naval force managed to stymie the invasion of Port Moresby at the Battle of the Coral sea, although the Japanese were able to maintain a foothold in the Solomon Islands. A month later the Allies inflicted a crippling blow on the hitherto undefeated Japanese navy at the Battle of Midway, cleared the way for an assault to roll back the imperial presence in the Pacific. Battle of Guadalcanal In August 1942 an Allied force lead by the US invaded the Solomon Islands of Tugali, Guadalcanal and Florida. As well as nixing the Japanese threat to Allied supply lines, the capture of the islands was intended to provide a launch pad for an assault on the main Japanese naval base in the theatre, Rabaul, on New Britain. The battle on the islands lasted for months and involved numerous naval and air engagements as well as invasions and counter invasions of the archipelago. The Japanese did not relinquish their attempts to retake Guadalcanal until February 1943. USS Juneau wreck discovery map It was in November that the USS Juneau was downed while escorting US reinforcements headed for Guadalcanal, just more than a year after it had been launched.  The Atlantic-Class light cruiser, which was named after the city of Juneau in Alaska, was attacked with its convoy by 30 Japanese aircraft while unloading at the island and managed to shoot down six enemy torpedo bombers in the exchange. The US convoy was then attacked by a larger Japanese naval force and the the Juneau was hit by a torpedo in the side, causing the vessel to list. It then forced to withdraw with two other damaged cruisers, the Helena and the San Francisco. As they made their way from the battle a Japanese destroyer launched two torpedoes intended for the San Francisco, but they missed and one hit the Juneau in the hole where the previous torpedo had struck. The impact caused a huge explosion which split the Juneau in two and sank it in under a minute. Most of the vessel’s more than 680 crew were killed in the explosion, but around 100 survived. However fearing further attack and wrongly assuming there were no survivors, the Helena and San Francisco fled. One of the Sullivan brothers was rumoured to be among the survivors left in the water for eight days before another ship came to rescue them. Neither were among the 10 survivors eventually pulled from the water. The 'Fighting Sullivan Brothers' The five Sullivan brothers enlisted together at a US Navy recruiting station in Iowa on 3 January 1942 but tragically none would ever return from the war. Upon signing up, the close-knit brothers insisted on serving together on the same ship and were assigned to USS Juneau throughout its deployment in the South Pacific. The wreckage from the USS Juneau was found off the coast of the Solomon Islands Credit: Paul Allen US Navy policy, although never strongly enforced, was to separate family members following the death of three brothers on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor in 1941, although the Sullivans persisted and their request was approved. Ten months after signing up, four of the brothers were killed in the initial explosion after Juneau was struck on the port side by a torpedo launched by Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze. The eldest of the brothers, 27-year-old George Thomas, who was wounded the night before Juneau was sunk, made it onto a raft. He is believed to have survived for five days in the water but would eventually succumb to either his wounds and exhaustion or a shark attack. Legacy The Sullivans – George Thomas, Francis "Frank" Henry, Joseph "Joe" Eugene, Madison "Matt" Abel and  Albert "Al" Leo – were revered and honoured as war heroes, all posthumously receiving Purple Heart Medals. While their deaths became a rallying cry for the Allies, it also brought into focus US Navy policy regarding family members serving together at sea. While involuntary separation was considered, no such law has ever been enacted. Wreckage from the USS Juneau Credit: Paul Allen The deaths of the Sullivans and the Borgstrom brothers, four siblings killed during six months fighting in the Second World War, lead to the implementation of the Sole Survivor Policy which protects families who have already lost family members in combat. Steven Spielberg’s Second World War epic Saving Private Ryan, in which a band of US soldiers is sent to bring back the sole surviving brother of four, James Ryan, from the battle in Normandy, also references the Sullivan brothers in one scene. Mr Spielberg later thanked the Sullivan family in his 1999 Oscars acceptance speech. Two US Navy destroyers – the DD-537 and DDG-68 – were also named The Sullivans in honour of the brothers, with motto is "We stick together". Vice Adm. Rich Brown, fifth commanding officer of USS The Sullivans (DDG 68), said he was “excited” about the discovery of Juneau. “The story of the USS Juneau crew and Sullivan brothers epitomise the service and sacrifice of our nation’s greatest generation,” he said. “I had the opportunity to visit The Sullivans earlier this month and I can tell you the fighting spirit of the Sullivan brothers lives on through the fantastic crew that mans the ship today. The crew embodies the ship’s motto, ‘We Stick Together’ each day. “My time on The Sullivans and the relationship I formed with the ship’s sponsor, Kelly, the granddaughter of Albert, are some of my most cherished memories.” President Roosevelt and Pope Pius XII were among those who sent a letter of condolence to their parents and a museum built in their honour was opened in their hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, in 2008. Paul Allen’s mission to find WW2 wrecks Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has funded several high-profile shipwreck exploration projects, including the discovery of the Second World War aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington, earlier this month. WWII ship USS Juneau located by #RVPetrel on St. Patrick’s Day—unexpected coincidence since she is best known for the Sullivans, all 5 brothers were lost, along with the other 682 sailors. Only 10 survived the sinking by Japanese torpedoes.— Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen) March 19, 2018 The 65-year-old, one of the world’s richest men, called locating USS Juneau on St. Patrick’s Day an “unexpected coincidence” given the family’s Irish heritage. Allen, whose father served in the US Army, has been “fascinated” with Second World War history since his youth and has helped uncover various vessels sunk during the global conflict. His team located the enormous Japanese warship Musashi in 2015 and  helped retrieve the ship’s bell from the British battlecruiser HMS Hood in 2015. Underwater wrecks discovered by Paul Allen The USS Lexington, or “Lady Lex”, was discovered in deep waters 500 miles off Australia’s north-east coast on 4 March. “As Americans, all of us owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who served and who continue to serve our country for their courage, persistence and sacrifice,” said Mr Allen.

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