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RedHotPie » Should You Date Online?

Carly’s quest in finding a suitable partner for marriage seemed impossible. She found the singles scene at clubs to be uncomfortable and her social circle seemed to consist of more married friends with a shrinking amount of singles.

Although she had heard of internet dating and saw the ads, she had hesitated to take what she imagined was a rather drastic step. What would her experiences be like? How would she find someone online? What were the risks?

If you are in this situation then quite likely you’ve considered venturing into online dating to meet someone.

Here are some reasons why online dating is perfectly right and safe for you.

It is fun!

In case you did not know or haven’t heard yet, online dating is the most prominent way of meeting attractive and fun people all over the world. It is safe, easy, and a fun way of meeting and connecting with many great people. Every month, millions of singles all over the world are available for instant communication, with hundreds of thousands signing up as new members.

There are many benefits of online dating.

The benefits of online dating are absolutely endless. For example, most dating services in the Internet have millions of members, mostly active ones that are just waiting to communication with somebody like you for friendship, lunch or dinner dates, and possibly even more. The odds of finding a special mate in these online dating services are very high since these singles intend to meet someone like you. Imagine the millions of potential mates in online dating sites!

The icing on the cake is that most online dating sites offer easy access to a wide variety of people, with their photos, audio and video clips available in an instant. It’s like meeting somebody new at the click of a mouse button right in your own home.

Internet Dating is Easy.

Online dating sites have hundreds of millions of members. So, for example, if you don’t want somebody because his or her profile doesn’t match yours or it doesn’t interest you, you can easily move on to another profile. Most, if not all, online dating sites also have features that enable you to state what you look for in a partner…you’re likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. Submit them to the online dating site where you are a member, then just wait for emails coming from the online dating services informing you of their latest possible matches for you! It’s that easy! You don’t have to go to the site every day just to check who’s “right” for you.

If somebody piques your interest, you can send them an instant message or an email. And hopefully, they will do the same. From there, you can take the contact to the next level. It is that fast and easy!

Okay, you say, online dating gives you more pros than cons. But, how do you choose from the various online sites out there? Here are some factors that you should consider.

1. Do some budgeting.

Determine how much of your money do you want to be used for online dating. Do a budget. Some internet sites require you to pay one-time fees, while some ask for monthly membership fees.

2. Seek recommendations.

You could ask friends or colleagues who have become acquainted with some online dating sites for their tips in looking for a good dating site. They can give additional information not available from Internet dating sites.

3. Check available sites.

Check the Internet for possible information for dating websites. Try to see what sites are the most popular or least visited.

4. Consider specialized sites.

There are also specialized dating sites available. Some are for seniors, some for homosexuals and some are for different religious affiliations among others.

5. Weigh the cons and pros.

From the online sites that you have checked, select only the top three and compare their advantages and disadvantages with the rest. Factors to be considered are the site’s success rate, number of members, features and fees, among others things.

Caveat: There are many less than honorable chatters in the chat rooms, so be careful. In light of the MSNBC series on catching sex predators recently it is prudent to thoroughly check out someone you agree to see in person.

Dating has never been this much fun. Whether it is for friendship or a long-term romantic relationship (even marriage), online dating sites can be very useful and fun.

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