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RedHotPie Au Personals Uncut

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Video Transcript :

Jeff :
Whats your opinion of online dating?

Female #1 :
For some people its probably a good way of just getting… like there energy back. like getting back into the dating game.

Male #1 :
Well people usually when they sign up they put a profile down so you can go and watch what there interested in. Your not fighting thru the stuff you dont want to know.

Male #2 :
You can pretty much suss somebody out, like if your a bit of a conversationalist, it makes it really easy to do that.

Female # 1 :
And you know its all layed out on the table, so you sort of know what your getting into, and people put a bit of thought into what there going to put in there beacaus ethey want to give the impression of what they really want.

Female #2 :
And at the same time you can ask something you would never ask them on a date without feeling awkward or nasty.

Female #3 :
Yeh, I think it saves time doesn’t it, and you can communicate a bit before giving photographs of each other, just incase you dont fancy the particular person… you just disappear, I suppose!!!

RedHotPie Video Entry Clip

Bessie :
Hi! I’m Bessie Bardo

Jeff :
And I’m Jeff Barker

Bessie :
Were RedHotPie’s Personals Uncut Au dating doctors.

Jeff :
Yes we are!

Bessie :
Now right here were here to talk to you about some smart and spicy dating advice. One of the most important topics when it comes to RedHotPie personals Uncut Au of course is online dating. Its all changed!

Your friends would hook you up once with Haryy the high pants… dramatic results would follow. But now online dating sites (like RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au) make it much easier.

Jeff :
Online dating is by far the most efficient way to date. Gone are the days when it was like looking for a needle in a haystack, except that the haystack cost $20 to get in to, and was full of cockroaches, and you got to get a cab between each haystack.

With online dating Sites like RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au you can sit back, put your slippers on, sip a Martini and have fun.

Bessie :
And its all about… no games. people are hopefully very honest about who they are and what they want. I know why you (Jeff) like online dating… because when someone rejects you, its not so painful as it is, face to face.

Jeff :
Yes ladies its true! If someone comes along you dont like, rather than having to jump out of the bathroom window of the club. You just press delete… and you never have to see them again.

Bessie :
Its that simple!!! When it comes to online dating, (like at RedHotPIe Personals Uncut Au) your member profile is everything. Its just like dressing up for a night on the town, you want to impress. You need to impress with your RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au members profile too.

Jeff :
And the first thing to know is that no matter what your into Wether your into flirting, or a happy ever after. Or just someone to sit down to watch videos’ with, or your naughty and you just want to have the time of your life… there’s a person for you at RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au.

All sorts, and all shapes and sizes. And its all written on there RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au members profile. You dont have to be a Shakespear, but do write a members profile that reflects who you are.

Thers no point in lying. No point in saying that your 6′ 4″ and athletic, if your 4′ 3″ and dumpy… OK! Its just not fair on the person your talking to, and you wouldn’t like it being done to you.

Be HONEST!… Now the really great thing is that you can actually get verified these days if your a member of RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au… getting your membership verified confirms that you are who you say you are.

Bessie :
And you know your chatting to a girl, and not a guy.

Jeff :
Which is important!

Bessie :
Pictures!!! Most important thing of all. How hard is it to take a good photo.

Jeff :
Come on!.. I’ve seen some horrific pictures. Dont get them taken by your cat or your baby brother. Dont take them in the dark. Dont use a mobile phone. Dont use your webcam. Get a simple digital camera. Go out and have some fun, go to a party…

Bessie :
Take a picture doing things you love to do, good light and good background.

Jeff :
And if you need to lighten them up, you can get some cheap Programs that will lighten them up. And dont post them sideways, what is with that!

Bessie :
Keep them simple. And please! dont get glamour shots done. There’s no point in getting something thats not really you at all. Because when you turn up, they wont recognise you.

Jeff :
You want people to love you for you.

Bessie :
Very true. Ok, so lets talk about some Do’s and Dont’s most importantly. Dont give out your personal information, and do meet in a public place.

Jeff :
You dont need to give out your personal information at all. The great thing about RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au specifically is that you can go to there Functions, because as a member you get to go to there regular Functions all around the Australia.So you can rock up, and say to the person you would like to meet, and say “hey” lets meet at the next Function. Its nece and casual, and your in a safe envirement, totally OK.

Bessie :
Exactly… so be honest about who you are and what you want. If your married, tell us please!!! And most importantly, relax and have some fun. Online dating at RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au is a lot more effective way to meet like minded people.

Jeff :
Dont spam people. Dont send out thousands and thousands of emails to people that you dont have any interest in, and you have not even read there RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au members profile.

Read ther members profile. Dont be pushy. People dont always want to meet up straight away. They might want to get to know first, say, using a webcam. So have a bit of a flirt, a bit of fun. Take your time and get to know people.

Bessie :
Well, thats all from us. If you would like any more information… check out our Books online, or go to RedHotPie Personals Uncut Au if there is any more questions you would like to ask.

Just remember, life is just to short… so get it right the first time with our hot and spicy dating advice.

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