How To Easliy Make Women Laugh

Making a woman laugh is one of the greatest things you can do to make yourself look more appealing and get more women, period. If celebrity culture teaches us anything, it is that men who know how to make women laugh have just a slight advantage over the ones that make women drool. Any man that can make women laugh has a good chance at winning her heart. Women love men who make them laugh because they feel comfortable around them and are more likely to give them an opportunity to purse them. Learning how to make women laugh is simple, and by following a few short tips you can joke your way into the heart of the girl of your dreams.

Relax & Have a Good Time

Taking the stress out of the situation and making a woman laugh is all about relaxation. Forget about trying to make women laugh and concentrate on having a good time. If you are relaxed and making an effort to ensure you both are having a good time, making her laugh and relax will simply just happen. When you focus too much on jokes, you can get nervous and botch the jokes. Try telling her a funny or crazy story that you have heard recently or perhaps even survived. Revealing something, even a bizarre encounter, shows her that you are relaxed and let’s her know that she can also relax and enjoy her time with you. Just being able to relax and speak to each other on an enjoyable level can really bring things to the next level.


When you smile at a woman rather than eye her like a piece of meat, she is more inclined to relax and smile back. It is proven that smiling can actually reduce stress. This works similarly when it comes to being able to make women laugh. Smiling is a precursor to laughing, so if you tell a funny story and you are already smiling you will have inadvertently led her right into a laugh! In addition, smiling let’s her know that you are friendly and have no bad intentions, whether that’s really true or not. With that said, don’t sport an ear-to-ear grin the entire night or you’ll creep her out instead of make her laugh.

Be Happy

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but men spend so much time forcing the situation that sometimes neither party can possibly enjoy themselves. Try just being happy before you approach your dream girl, and the rest should fall into place. If you’re in a good mood, your body language will broadcast it before you’ve even opened your mouth. Unfortunately the opposite can also true so be careful. Regardless, actually being in a good mood is the best way to put others in a good mood and making them laugh. If you need to give yourself a pep talk or a shot of courage, do what you need to be happy and confident before you approach your dream girl. Be sure to pick up your free seduction report and pick up the woman of your dreams.

By Damian DeAngelo If this proves too difficult, more tips on how to make women laugh are available at has more tips available.

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