Drinking and Sex – Should You?

Drinking is known as the number one ‘panties/boxers remover’ in the whole world. We all know that we should not drink and drive, but what about drinking and running to bed? We are not so sure about that, and those who have experienced having sex after drinking will probably agree and remember how big the mistake is.

Here are 7 reasons why not to drink and run to bed:

*The mature lover
The mature ladies love to have sex and like all of us they have that need. If we are talking about the ladies that are quite old, they have defiantly that need and probably have not done it for a long time. She will wait for you while you get drunk in the bar, and when you are done with you 5 th drink she will get you. Some of you will say: ‘great’. Ok, we all have are style.

* Unknown sexual background
She is blonde, she has a great figure and she is willing to get to bed with you after the second drink…but she will wait until you are done with the bottle, so it will be more difficult for you the notice the ‘extra’ body part she has.

* Your best friend
You always knew that he is a bit different, and every time you have looked at a great looking girl’s breasts, he was looking at her boyfriend’s ass. Even though he does not fancy you, he will after the 3 rd drink, and you start to have the ‘;I need some sex’ feelings. After your 3 rd drink you start compromising…and then you wake up in the morning! Now you need to face it.

* The Weight issue
She is sexy, she is pretty, she does not say no and she is about 15 sizes more then you when it is coming to fashion. The sex might be great, but you back aches will be there for years to remind you that moment when you said YES to her…when she asked you if it is ok if she will sits on you.

* From the outside and underneath
Yea, she looks amazing with that mini skirt and when you drink, you do not really get down to the bottom of the details, but the next day, just thinking about what you have been licking could make you sick.

* Act of force.
She looks great and she wants sex…but she is also very ‘active’ person. If you are into it – great, otherwise, you might find out that the woman of your dreams is a sado queen that wants you here and now as here little wick salve. You might find out that her meaning of sex includes cleaning the house and some other things that you do not really feel like when you are drunk.

The sticky punch line
All went extremely well. You guys had an amazing evening, and you might even love her for that…but now you will have to pay for it for the rest of your life…as you were so drunk that you married her.


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