9 things you should never do to your ex

For whatever reason, the relationship you were in did not quite work out. After a prolonged session of tears and fights, all went silent. Now, you are nurturing a broken heart and often behaving erratically. But, whatever you do, always choose a path where your dignity will not be compromised. You should never do the following to your ex.
Even Diana (Online Dating Guide/Expert) from wheresinglesmeet.com never do following:

  1. Be destructive: You are tempted to make a bonfire of all your partner’s stuff that have been left behind at your place – from CDs to clothes. You cannot bear to have them around as they represent the person. But, refrain from doing so. It will only make you look childish and petulant. Instead, pack them up and get them delivered to their place.
  2. Call up repeatedly: Never, especially if you are the one who’s been dumped. Maintain your dignity and move on. Repeated SMS-S and missed calls will only worsen things. Besides, your ex will now be doubly sure that his/her decision was actually for the best. Don’t give them that satisfaction. If they really care, they will call up. And if they don’t it’s best to end it now than linger on.
  3. Cut off their family: If you have had a good rapport with their family, don’t kill that as well. If you have been dumped, chances are that their family will not side with you; blood is after all thicker than water. So, don’t expect anything, only maintain a cordial relation. Maybe, later on they will realize that you would have made a better partner for their child.
  4. Stalk them: If they are seeing someone, who is that person or what are they doing together – these questions will keep coming to your mind. Learn to ignore them. All these will turn you into a desperate psychological case. Beside, how do you benefit from it? It will only make you even more sad and that doesn’t solve your problem in any way.
  5. Have scenes at work: All of us want to project a professional image at work. So, this is a vulnerable spot for us. Under such circumstances, the last thing one would want to have is a psychological ex who is followings us around the place. Or even worse, giving us a bad name. This not only harms your partner but also you; it spoils your reputation and makes you look extremely unprofessional.
  6. Go for a relationship on the rebound: This is the time when you are extremely vulnerable. As you are emotionally disturbed, consciously or sub- consciously you will be looking for an anchor. So, there’s a big chance for you to get into a relationship which might be completely wrong for you. Give it at least a year before you enter into another relationship.
  7. Say you never really loved them: If you didn’t love them in the first place, what were you hanging on for? Saying such things only make you look silly and immature.
  8. Spread rumours about them: If you want to, confide in a close friend but never go around talking about it to all and sundry. People will make all sorts of comments and that might give you a wrong perspective of things. This will in the long run, make you feel even more miserable. If your ex is actually a scum, others will find out sooner or later.
  9. Sleep with your ex: There’s always a temptation for this, but it is the ultimate for this, but it is the ultimate mistake. It might rekindle hope temporarily and make it even more difficult for you to come out of it when thins get even more nasty.

Hi I’m Recardo, a New York-based writer and avid explorer on dating and relationship area.I love to help you develop strategies and actions to improve your chances of connecting with the right person.

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