5 Weird Ways Women Show They Want You

What she wants is to give you the opportunity to ask her out. It is her indirect way of indicating she has interest in you. Why doesn’t she just tell you she’s interested? That’s not how it works. Men are direct. Women aren’t. So turn up your sensors and see if you don’t spot a woman who just happens to get within your proximity range frequently.

Another “non-verbal” sign she is interested in you has to do with her body language. Do the pupils of her eyes widen when she sees you? Does she seem to toss her hair a lot when you are near? Or does she lean closer to you when you are talking? Where are her feet? Do they seem to be pointed at you often?

One or two of these things occurring is not that important. If a lot of these body language cues occur continually, there’s a good chance she’s telling you with her body that she wants you to ask her out.


If you are communicating with her by phone, email or on the Internet, how available is she? If a women wants to get together with a man, the details will work themselves out. In other words, no matter how busy she is… she will make herself available to you. She will quickly return your phone calls. She will even give you her work email.

Ask yourself this: how readily does she make herself available to me? It’s a good indicator that she’s interested in you.

When you talk to her, does she ask you a lot of questions? A women who is into you will be like a talk show host – she will quiz you on everything from family, work, your taste in the cultural arts and entertainment. What she is doing is fact finding what you like, so she can be in harmony with your tastes. Get it?

There are some other good signs to observe, too. Is she nervous around you, but otherwise a calm person? Does she talk about you and her in the future tense? These usually mean one thing: a green light to ask her out.

Everything we’ve discussed in this article has been obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy these signals are to miss. Be on your toes and remember – just noticing one of these signs does not guarantee she isinterested in you. But seeing a cluster of them gives you a pretty good bet she wants you.

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